Textured Tees Please

We can’t get enough of textured tee shirts! They have easily become a staple piece that we recommend you not only have one of, but one in several different colours…don’t worry it’s allowed.

I’ll share a little secret with you, suede, stripes and a quilt textured tee are defiantly must haves this season!

So you don’t know how to wear textures, and you’re not sure if it’s your “thing”.  Keep in mind any trend can become your “thing” once the execution is there.

When dealing with textures especially as a top, the key element is that it effortlessly becomes your outfits statement piece. You can pair the top with a clean pair of bottoms, toss on some accessories and tie it all together with your favorite shoes and or jacket.

Here are a few textured tees we suggest you add to your closet!


EPTM | Suede OG Long Tee | Camel


The unique feature about this textured tee is the suede feel. The shirt is designed with a scoop bottom, which completes the entire look. The shirt here is the feature of your outfit! The camel colour is huge this season making it extremely versatile and will go well with white, black or even a blue denim.


Publish | Rojan | Black & Grey


This lightweight knit is constructed from cotton and polyester making it breathable. It carries an all over bold strip pattern and has a round split side hem giving you the option to layer underneath. To take this top to a next level we suggest you pair this top with a pair of army joggers, for a great casual look.


UCXX | Mini Quilt | Burgundy

Mini Quilt Burgundy S/S

You’re thinking this is not for you, but it is! The quilt is the most effortless texture you can possibly own. You just have to put it on, and it literally does all the impressing for you. The mini lifted quilted pattern leaves you with a fresh yet fun look. The extension of shirt lengthens and adds dimension to the outfit. This will allow you to transition from day to night with ease!

Incorporating suede, stripes and a quilted texture will help you stay on trend this season. I mean having the basic white, black and grey are great too but to elevate your look this is the route you take!

You won’t be disappointed!

Share your textured tee looks with us by using the hashtag #broadwaystyled

Texture On!



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