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Styling Guide for Men: 5 Ways to Style Your Favourite Graphic Tee

Time and again, men search for graphic tees more than anything else. Whether it is backyard barbeque with friends, meeting up Friday night, running errands, or even bedtime, tees are basic yet versatile clothing essential.

The best part is you can shop trendy graphic tees for men and style them in a variety of ways to achieve a cool look. You can get some exclusive brands and items at Broadway Fashion to fill your wardrobe with fashionable products. 

This styling guide will outline many ways to style a simple graphic tee and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Nail the Sayings and Fit

Choose a graphic tee that speaks about your personality. If you’re a fun-loving person, go for something that has some humour. If you adore any TV character, choose one that represents your favourite show. Hopefully, you get the drill now!

The next thing is fit, make sure it is not too big or small. You need something that’s contoured to your body.

  • Match Colours in the Right Way

In order to create contrasts, colours play a significant role. You want something that is either safe or something in trend, such as a pastel and vibrant shades. Choose a colour that stands out, keeping the bottoms basic and neutral. The bolder and more sophisticated it is, the better.

  • Layer tee over a Shirt

You can wear your cool graphic tee over a shirt. This looks stunning and adds more fun to your overall outfit. It allows you to wear t-shirts which you thought you couldn’t pull off. 

  • Blazer on T-shirt

All printed tees look great with a blazer. If you wish to look semi-formal at lunch with colleagues or on your special dinner date, you can pair your favourite graphic tee with a blazer. Go for a grey or black blazer with a good pair of jeans and shoes.

  • Jacket with Tees

On the runway show, even t-shirt brands cover their models with jackets. Take inspiration from their looks and make complete use of your jackets, for both casual laid-back, or formal t-shirt styles. When the temperature starts to decline, this can be your best saviour to make a statement and stay super comfortable.

Graphic tees for men are all the rage. You can style them in different ways, such as with a jacket, shirt, blazer, and cargo jeans in Canada. So, when in doubt, pick a graphic tee that lets your style and originality shine through.