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Shoes Matter

Here’s a friendly tip for you Fellas; shoes complete your outfit.

It’s the last item you put on before leaving the house but it is the first thing people notice. #Facts

You could be as good looking as it gets, very well dressed, you smell amazing and you cut your finger nails last night, but I promise you as soon as that girl you locked eyes with across the room sees you approaching her she is going to scale you from head to toe. Now you have on some wonky shoes, and that my friend is an immediate deal breaker.

You can call me your Fairy Shoe Mother, because I’ve put together three styles of shoes that should be a must in your wardrobe this season!

  1. G-Star: Why we love it? The details of course! The shoe is constructed from suede and leather and then pulled all together with a rubber sole. It is what we would like to call a contemporary sneaker. Casual, dressy yet sporty.

G-Star | Stanton High Mono | Black

635881840918628876GF_P20635881840853318426IW_P20635881840830350427HX_P202. New Balance: Why we love it? Cheers to be stating the obvious, but the colour. It’s that simple. This shoe screams “street wear fashion savy”.  Talk about being light on your feet, this shoe exudes comfort and style with it’s suede and foam bottom!

New Balance | MRT580| Tan

mrt580dt_nb_16_imrt580dt_nb_15_imrt580dt_nb_14_i3. Ascis: Why we love it? Who doesn’t love an all white shoe? Think of it as an essential. We love the splash of black on the bottom. It has a retro vibe with a modern street design. The split tongue and gel cushioning gives endless support for long term wear. Fashionable and comfortable all in one shoe, why not?

Ascis | Gel Lyte III | White

GEL-Lyte III NS White/White product 0GEL-Lyte III NS White/White product 1GEL-Lyte III NS White/White product 2

You can thank me now, or you can thank me later. But you never have to worry about getting the boot because you were lacking in the footwear department!

Get to steppin’

To check us out online or in stores to see other great styles from G-Star, New Blance and Ascis!

What was your favourite shoe? Leave your comments below!


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