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Publish Brand – Hers

What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine, we’ve all heard this at some point, right? I’m almost 100% sure that in most cases your boyfriend cringes when you ask to borrow his favourite sweater while trying to achieve the “boyfriend” look.

*clears throat* Save your applause till the end please, because Publish Brand has solved all of your problems!

They finally launched their first Women’s Spring Collection!! (okay, applaud now)

Ladies, now we can stop stealing our babes clothes and satisfy our own shopping needs with our own!

Here are some of your must have’s from the Spring Collection. Personally, I think everything is a must have….but hey, a girl can dream, or indulge.

 Sammie | Knit | Black


Nikole | Pop Over | Red


Gia | Crop Top | Black


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