High Steppin’

Pink Martini? No, I’m not asking you to join me on a patio for a cocktail, (however it’s happy hour somewhere) But I am telling you that you need to invest in a pair of Pink Martini shoes!

I’m not that type of girl who will opt for a pair of heels over a pair of sneakers but I can strongly say that this brand has definitely made me question the loyalty I have for my sneaker fetish.

The Canadian brand has been making a presence for itself in over 100 different retailers across the world. This brand is for the girl who loves to push boundaries, add a sense of flare to her wardrobe and viewed as a trend setter.

Besides the fact that they are comfortable, they can be dressed up or dressed down! Easily paired with a cocktail dress or with casual denim!

Take a look at some of Pink Martini’s stylish yet versatile footwear; from glam flats, to strap high heels and even a peep toe sling back! Without a doubt in mind we recommend these few pieces from the Pink Martini Collection.

Pink Martini | You Glow Girl | Black

youglowgirl_blackPink Martini | You Glow Girl | Beige

youglowgirl_beigePink Martini | Cinderella Shoe


Pink Martini | Sky Scraper | White


Pink Martini| Sky Scraper | Brown


Pink Martini | Sky Scraper| Black


Pink Martini | City Girl | Beige


Pink Martini | City Girl | Black


The canvas fabric used on the flats can make your outfit look casual but then the rhinestones on the top of the toe will allow the shoe to really elevate your entire outfit.  The leather used to construct the heels are extremely soft only allowing the heels to get better with each wear. The chunky heel gives amazing support for long term wear.

If these shoes have left an imprint on you, make sure you add these must haves to your growing shoe collection.

What shoes would you use as your go to shoe this season?

Your pedicures done, now get your step on!

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