Sweat It Out

One of the most recognized Drake lyrics, “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make up on” and they have never been any truer. #VIEWS (insert other over used Drake hashtags here)

Girls everywhere have been wearing sweats pants and I’m not talking about just to the gym or to clean the house. I’m talking about wearing them out (in public) and looking incredibly stylish while also being socially acceptable! (more…)

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Like Kanye

Before you say anything or roll your eyes I know what you’re thinking,…”another post about Kanye” I’ll be the first to admit he has his jerkish moments (which celebrity doesn’t), but as much as we love to hate him – the man is  somewhat a genius. Kanye must be doing something right, as he is one of the top fashion icons and he maintains and grows his following. (more…)

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