The Boy Is In The Building

Look it’s a bird, its plane… no it’s Boy London, and it has just landed at Broadway! 

You’ve probably seen the UK based brand being worn by some of your favourite celebrities, such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande not to mention model Cara Delevingne. But this isn’t a brand that just developed overnight. Founded by Stephane Raynor the brand has been around since the early eighties and has relaunched staying true to its original roots while not being so mainstream and yet very trendy.


Justin Bieber

Cara Delevingne

We love the versatility that the brand carries through its unisex fit and their ability to cater to both men and women fashion trends.

Take a look at our favourite piece from the Neoprene Collection! It has an oversize unisex fit and is great for casual wear.

Classic Boy Eagle | Neoprene Crew Neck | Black

The aim behind Boy is for their customers to feel empowered.

With current collaborations such as Bape, Boy will to continue to recapture the imagination of it’s fashion forward customers. As they say, fashion repeats itself and this being the top heritage brand it has been making a strong come back from the 80’s.

Visit us in store at both of our locations and treat yourself to some Boy London, although Boy is comfy its not a brand you want to sleep on!


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