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Like Kanye

Before you say anything or roll your eyes I know what you’re thinking,…”another post about Kanye” I’ll be the first to admit he has his jerkish moments (which celebrity doesn’t), but as much as we love to hate him – the man is  somewhat a genius. Kanye must be doing something right, as he is one of the top fashion icons and he maintains and grows his following.

Everywhere you look now you see the “Yeezus” look. From other celebrity fashion icons, to classmates and even strangers walking down the street.

There is no shame in wanting to achieve this look. But how do you do it without blowing semesters worth of tuition on one of his sweaters.

Well here are a few pieces you can put together to complete the Yeezus look at an affordable price.

The Relaxed Tee

5456 (3)
5456 (2)EPTM | Trasher OG Long Tee | Max Charcoal

The Over Sized Sweater

Only & Sons | Haven Sweat Parka | Black

The Distressed Denim


Embellish Denim | Sao Biker Denim | Distressed Indigo

The key with all of the pieces shown are the mixture between distressed and polished. Creating plays with different textures brings out dimension in the outfit but also elevates your entire look.

How would you achieve your best Yeezus look?

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